MicroArtistry Lamination Toolkit
MicroArtistry Lamination Toolkit

MicroArtistry Lamination Toolkit

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This little set is everything we use for lamination.  We are trying to reduce our Carbon Footprint by using bamboo or wood products when we can! 

This set contains:

10 X Spoolies (Bamboo with pink)

10 X Microspoolies (Bamboo with ultra soft nylon bristles. The BEST for getting the baby hairs laminated!)

10 X MicroBrushes

10 X Wax Sticks. (Perfect for taking the product out of the small Mayamy container!) 

1 X Lash Lift Stick. (This can be sanitized and re-used for next client. ) 

You MAY wash your spoolie and microspoolie with warm water and soap in between #1, #2 and #3 processes. Then wash again and give it to your client with our Aftercare  for at-home brow care! {DO NOT re-use on another client, just give to your client and use fresh tools for each client.}