Microartistry Brow Mapping Class

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Online course dedicated to teaching shaping fundamentals for brow artists.

The course includes a shaping kit, and teaches you how to shape using:

MicroArtistry's Shaping method
The Caliper-only method,
The String-only Method
The Brow Sticker Method
Live shaping on 5 models using MicroArtistry's shaping method with voice-over
How to use a Measurement App
Waxing the Brow after Shaping
Tips and tricks
Certificate of Completion!


Kit includes: 
  • 1 MicroArtistry Golden Ratio tool
  • 2 MicroArtistry Mapping Strings, 132 feet long, 10 M
  • Colors Black and White
  • 1 Plastic Caliper
  • 2 soft wax drawing pencils
  • Five (5) MicroArtistry Inkless Practice skins
  • 10 Mapping Rulers

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Check out our classes here to see the modules before you buy:  https://microartistry-academy.learnworlds.com/